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     I highly recommend using this company's services for hassle-free, routine cleanings and their designated cleaner consistently goes above and beyond.
Jamie N.22/05/2024
     My experience with Hornsey Carpet Cleaning Service was simply fantastic, the cleaners were so friendly and efficient, making my life so much easier. Can't wait to work with them again in the future.
Lisa O'Keefe11/04/2024
     The cleaner's intelligence and organizational skills are unparalleled, making her the go-to person for all cleaning needs.
Roberto R.21/03/2024
     Our choice to change sofas gave us the opportunity to have a professional carpet cleaning service come in and spruce up our floors.
Lisa B.11/03/2024
     We were blown away by the exceptional service from Hornsey Cleaning Companies. Their cleaner was top-notch - not only did they do an incredible job on our carpets, but they were also extremely polite and finished quickly.
      Hornsey Cleaning Companies was truly outstanding - quick to respond and their level of proficiency blew me away.
Nettie P.20/11/2023
     I stayed updated regularly with my cleaner's timing, and it paid off - they provided an impeccable clean leaving everything immaculate - and what's more, they were also extremely cordial!
H. O'Shaughnessy18/10/2023
     The team from Carpet Cleaners Hornsey were cleaners of the highest order. So glad I booked with this team.
Claudia M19/05/2020
     No other cleaning company does such a great job every time!
Bertha Simmons20/09/2019
     With three children and a full-time job, it's never easy to keep my house clean and sanitary. After years of struggling, I finally hired a cleaning company and Hornsey Carpet Cleaner never fail to provide me with great results. This is great service for busy mums like me, and it's not too expensive either - especially for the quality of the service!
Sharna R.14/10/2015
     I needed emergency cleaning for my sofas and Carpet Cleaners Hornsey provided everything I required. If I had tried to clean the sofa myself, I know I wouldn't have gotten the same results so I'm glad I called them. Their staff were able to wash and wipe the sofa fully until no trace of dirt remained. They removed all bits and hairs and even got rid of a stain that's been there for years. I'm amazed with the results and how quickly they got it done. Ten out of ten easily.
Eoin McDowell 31/07/2015
     My pub has been cleaned by cleaners from Hornsey Carpet Cleaners for around 2 years now. They arrive promptly every visit and get on with the job without dawdling around. The cleaning company's prices are really low too which is obviously very important. A great company for local business and residents!
Donald Bowman 14/07/2015
     I have a keen interest in cooking so that means my kitchen is always a mess. After a while, it became too much so I called up Hornsey Carpet Cleaning Service. They sent a cleaning crew to my address who were able to remove all crumbs, stains and dust. They got into every nook and cranny so that everything was spotless by the end. My kitchen's ready for me to cook again and I have their number on speed dial for when I need them again.
Patty Langley27/05/2015
     HornseyCarpetCleaners have been an excellent option for me while I've been looking to clean my house. There's been a lot of upheaval in my life recently, so the cleaning was the first thing which took the backseat. However, I'm a man who likes the home to be clean, so I turned to the professionals and they've been taking care of me since then. Despite the extra time which I've been spending away from the home, my home has never been cleaner.
Chris Obrien07/01/2015
     If Carlsberg did would be in the form of HornseyCarpetCleaners! I've worked with cleaners before and none of them have been as good as this company. The cleaners work quickly but very thoroughly and they don't miss a speck of dust, they clean carpets very effectively and can overcome tricky stains and they have a real eye for dirt and can take a number of measures to remove it. I am very happy with the service we have had from these cleaners in our business premises and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for others.
     I've always loved the look of the white marble in my bathroom, but as of late, it's been looking a little bit worse for wear. I called up HornseyCarpetCleaners, having found them and their competitive rates online, and asked someone to come round at some point during the week. They kept to their appointment time, and the service was second to none, I don't remember my marble ever looking that good. Definitely would recommend to anyone! Top quality job at an affordable price, what's not to love?!
M. Mayers04/09/2014
     There's a lot to be said for a properly cleaned kitchen and ever since I've been enjoying the services of HornseyCarpetCleaners, it's been something which I've had the pleasure of enjoying every single day. The work that they put in is incredible and makes a real difference when it comes to making sure that each and every area of the house is cleaned properly. But the kitchen's the real difference maker to me and I can see their handiwork every time I cook myself dinner. A really great service at a great price and can't thank them enough, really.
Richard Bailey04/06/2014
     I live in student accommodation and there are four of us sharing this home, as I'm sure you can imagine we are not the tidiest in the world and when it comes to doing the cleaning none of us put our hearts and soul into that either, which is shameful I know! Anyway for us we decided to try out HornseyCarpetCleaners and to split the cost four ways, this works out as next to nothing really and now we get the house cleaned from top to bottom every week and nobody argues about it anymore. They are absolutely ideal for us, cannot believe we never thought of using them sooner!
     I am really glad that I called HornseyCarpetCleaners to help me with my cleaning. They're all really professional, very friendly and extremely skilled, and I honestly could not be more impressed or happier with what they've done to help me! The stains in my carpets, my limescale, even the dust from my picture rails has completely vanished and I've not had to put in any work at all. This is a really amazing cleaning service and it's affordable and very reliable too. I have absolutely no complaints at all and now I will continue to use their services!
     Given the ease with which HornseyCarpetCleaners got my whole house looking spotless, it is a wonder that I bother at all! The job was done quickly, and will an incredible amount of attention to detail, so I was more than a little impressed by the whole thing. The price was pretty good as well, so I'll certainly be using them more often, as I find myself more and more busy with other things outside the house. Having a company that you know can do a great job is extremely important and I am very glad to know they are there on hand.
Lori B.07/01/2014